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Friday, October 13, 2017

Panorama of Merapi Volcano, Danger but Beautiful

Merapi Eruption on 2010.

Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. This mountain has a 5-year cycle for the eruption. The biggest eruption is in 2010. The eruption of this mountain makes Java island covered with volcanic ash, even the ashes to Bali and Sumatra. This mountain is a spiritual symbol for the people of Java, especially Yogyakarta. Merapi became and the southern ocean (Indian Ocean) is in a straight line, and the Yogyakarta palace is in its midst. Merapi is a symbol of immortality because he will continue to live.
Location of Merapi Mount

Location of Mount Merapi
Merapi comes from the word api, which it means is fire. Fire is the flame of every eruption. The mountain is located in 3 regencies and 2 provinces. Klaten, Boyolali, and Magelang districts are in Central Java Province, and Sleman District is in Yogyakarta Province.

Sleman Regency is located on the southern slope of Mount Merapi. This area often gets the impact of volcanic eruptions. In 2010, hundreds of residents died from exposure to hot clouds (wedhus gembel) from the eruption of Mount Merapi. Sleman becomes the disaster area because the crater mouth faces to the south side. When volcano eruption eats all the volcanic material will flow to the south side.

Climb Mount Merapi
At certain times, Merapi is safe to visit. There are 4 climbing paths to the summit of Mount Merapi. South Line through kinah rejo, east through Delesa, west through Babadan, and north through Selo. At this point only the lines of Deles and Selo are safe to use as a climbing lane.
Crater of Merapi
Selo is one of the many walking paths. Selo is in the valley between Mount Merapi and Merbabu. Selo is located in Boyolali District. To get to Selo can use public transport-bus.
Top of Merapi Mount
From Boyolali can use the bus to the direction Cepogo. From Cepogo continue using the bus to Selo. From Selo climbers must walk to Base Camp. From the base camp climber must register registration data and take care of the climbing permit.

Pasar Bubrah Merapi

Towards the Peak of Merapi
To climb Merapi, not too difficult. Mileage from Base camp to peak as far as 4 km. The normal travel time is about 6 hours. This morning I will try to run towards the peak of Merapi.

Tonight I stay at Basecamp. I have plans for morning climbing. At basecamp provided a place to rest and tonight I saw many climbers who climbed.

Morning, at 04:00 AM I was awake. Time for preparation of climbing. What I will bring is a camel-bag containing; mineral water, isotonic water, and honey. For food, I brought cereal, chocolate, and some fruit. Do not forget I wear special shoes to run, and clothing compression. 2 trekking poles will help me walk. GPS will help me show direction, altitude, and location. The headlamp is already  and time to run to the peak of Merapi.

Toward to summit.

04.30Am I started running from an altitude of 1690 m asl to New-Seo 1.787 m asl. Ascent then proceeds to the Forest limit at altitude 2,073 M Asl. 1 hour later I arrived at Post 1 at an altitude of 2558 m asl.

From Post 1 climb to Pasar Bubrah. The Pasar Bubrah is a vast plain and full of large boulders of eruption. Pasar Bubrah name because this location is similar to a chaotic market, because many stones are scattered. The Pasar Bubrah is at an altitude of 2,658 M ASL.
The caldera of Merapi.
Many climbers are camped at Pasar Bubrah. They will climb the summit from this point. From Pasar Bubrah, I continue my ascent to the top of Merapi. The route with sand, gravel, and rocks. Must be able to choose a good footing so as not to sag down. Trekking poles are helpful for picking hard footholds.

07.00 I reached the peak of Merapi. My total journey is 2.5 hours. This is my 3rd ascent to running. The average travel time from the base camp to the peak there is 2.5 hours of travel.

At the peak of Merapi
The peak of Merapi is a very dangerous location. Locations with falling risk levels, toxic gas hazards, to rocks. You should be alert if there is a peak in order to avoid potential danger. At the peak, you can see the highest peak of Merapi, which is a prominent stone. From the peak, you can also see the crater on the south side and still remove the solfatara smoke.

Merapi peak panoramic
Do not be too long at the top, because poison gas is around you. Immediately get off the top, so you are safe. Going down from the summit is much more dangerous than when you ride. You have to be careful not to step on it or you will slip. Go down slowly and be careful not to harm the climber below you. Welcome to Merapi


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