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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Facts About the Color of Durian

Pompakan Kalimantan/borneo

One day I had the opportunity to visit in Central Kalimantan (Borneo). In Lamandau District is the durian season. The harvested durian is the local Bornean durian. In contrast to the large size Montong, thick fruit, sweet taste, and a strong aroma. Local durians are small in size, the thorns are not sharp, the fruit is thin, the aroma is not strong, and it's also not so sweet. For lovers of durian, less delicious eating durian local Kalimantan.

Color of local durian.

Orange Durian
The local Durian Borneo (Durio kutejensis) is called pompakan, papakan, pepakan, or papakin. Durian usually has white fruits or yellowish white. Pompakan has a yellow flesh color, pink, even close to red. The color of the flesh is interesting, although it will be disappointed when trying to taste and smell the aroma.
Carotenoid responsibility for this color. 
Antioxidant in Durian
The durian fruit that is yellow, orange and red is another advantage of durian. These colors are carotenoids which are high in vitamin A and antioxidants. The advantage will increase, where carotenoids have non-polar or water-insoluble properties. The fat content of the flesh is a natural solvent so the carotenoids will be easily absorbed by the body. The yellow and orange color is the accountability of the carotenoid presence in the durian fruit flesh. No wonder, this is the king of fruits.


  1. Berarti manfaat durian ini bisa disamakan dengan manfaat wortel dan buah-buahan berwarna merah itu kah mas?