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Thursday, February 22, 2018

LAPORTEA DECUMANA, The Poisson Leaf for Muscle Pain Treatment at Raja Ampat - Papua

Daun Gatal/Poison leaves in traditional market, Sorong-West Papua

Hard work can make the muscles become sick and painful. The accumulation of lactic acid caused by anaerobic respiration. Local people in Raja Ampat and West Papua have a traditional medicine for treating muscle aches, with a leaf. The itchy leaf (daun gatal) of his name,

In the world of physiotherapy, treatment for muscle aches can be by using balsam mixed with methyl salicylate or menthol. The effects of these two substances are able to make the body inflamed so widen the blood vessels. Widening blood vessels will accelerate blood circulation and transport of lactic acid in muscle so the pain will be reduced.
Daun gatal (Laportea decumana)

Itchy Leaves
Itchy leaves have the same principles as menthol or methyl salicylate. Itchy leaves have chemicals such as monoridin, tryptophan, histidine, alkaloids, flavonoids, authraguinones, and formic acid. Formic acid if exposed to the surface of the body or skin will give the sensation of itching. This is why these leaves are called itchy leaves.
Poisson leaf

The body will respond to formic acid as a foreign object. The body's response will release antihistamines and bark into bumps. It feels like the itchy skin is bitten by ants. the inflamed body will widen the blood vessel channels and accelerate the circulation of lactic acid.

Small spikes on the leaf surface are the piercing tools that will transfer formic acid. This is the self-defense mechanism of the leaves against the herbivore. The people of Papua and Raja Ampat use this itchy leaf for the treatment of a headache, aches, muscle pain. The principle of this treatment is to facilitate the circulation of blood with the sensation of itching and heat.

Distribution of Daun Gatal
The Itchy Leaf thrives only in Java, Sulawesi, and Papua, as it is mapped by I can say this plant originated from Indonesia. This plant is categorized as a stinging plant (Poisson leaves). Want to try the sensation of itchy leaves, come to the Raja Ampat - West Papua, Indonesia.
Distribution map of Laportea decumana.


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