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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Ultralight to Merapi Peak

The peak of Merapi mount.

Tonight, I came to a small village called Lencoh. This hamlet is located between 2 mountains, Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi. Lencoh, precisely on the northern slopes of Mount Merapi. Lencoh is also the entrance for climbers who want to climb to the top of Merapi.

Tonight I will stay at Lencoh that is in the base camp of Mount Merapi. I have to rest to gather energy because tomorrow morning I will climb to the top of Merapi. The style of the climb I choose is ultra light,
Fast walking or running.
Ultralight Climbing

Ultralight is the climb by bringing lightweight and practical equipment, but still meets the standards of climbing. Ultralight is different from the style Himalayan or alpine. Ultralight aims to quickly reach the top, then down.

Climbing with ultra light style requires good preparation. The main factors are physical readiness and knowledge. Strong physical is the key because the climber must run fast and run. Knowledge of environmental conditions is also absolutely necessary because it will determine travel management.
Sunrises from Pos 1.

Equipment for ultralight is; food, drinks, GPS, and First Aid. Food should contain lots of calories as a source of energy. Drinks should be able to replace lost body fluids. GPS will guide the journey. P3K to guard if there is an accident.
Pasar Bubrah.

Morning 05.00 I started the ascent. With headlamp and pole trekking I walk towards pos 1. The climb is dominated by agricultural land and forest. The sky was still dark, but on the eastern side, there was light. 45 minutes I have arrived at Pos 1 (2,319 m asl). I walked back to post 2 for 20 minutes.
Pasar Bubrah from above.
06.30 I arrived at Pasar-Bubrah with an altitude of 2,658m asl. The Pasar Bubrah is the expected end of the ascent. Going to the top is an option. In this place like on Planet Mars. large stones are found and there are no plants.

Peak of Merapi
I continued the ascent to the peak of Merapi. Road with a slope of more than 60 degrees. Must be careful, because of the peak can occur avalanches. Avalanches of dangerous boulders. To get to the top takes about 30 minutes.
Crater of Merapi Mount.
07.00 I have been at the peak of Mount Merapi (2933 m origin). From here I can see the crater with its smoke. The smell of the ridges becomes a marker that the mountain is still issuing gas solfatara. At the peak recommended only for a moment for safety. It only takes 2 hours of climbing, we can reach the top of Merapi with ultralight style. You can try it.

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