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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Diving at Jenon Spring Water - Malang, East Java

Sumber Jenon Spring Water.

Jenon is one of natural water source located in Malang Regency, East Java Province. Sumber Jenon, so the community called it for the spring water. Called Jenon because,  there is a fallen jenu tree (Ficus sp) and drowned in the pond.

Jenon is rescued by the local community. Many mystical stories about this place. The story in the community aims to tell that this place should not be disturbed. There is a hidden message to be conveyed, that this place is a vital place. Jenon is a fountain that gives life to society, so it must be kept well.
Underwater world in Jenon.

Jenon has a mystical atmosphere because of the large trees that surround the pool. The color of the water in the pool is blue. The blue color is due to the deep water. Inside the pond, there are large fish that move freely.

Between wood.

We can swim in Jenon. We can also dive into it to see the underwater world. With dive gear, I tried to dive. I entered from a depth of 1.5 m and then to the spring water. Divers must be careful because there is a large wooden sink. large wood sinking is an object of interest to divers. Divers can enter on the sidelines wood that gives a frightening sensation.
Cave entrance.

The most interesting in Jenon is the underwater cave. That said, the cave underwater used as a place to meditate. The cave is at a depth of 6.5 m. The diver previously said if the length of the cave hall is 7 m. At the cave entrance, there is a big spring.

Want to enjoy the beauty of the source of Jenon, come in Malang, East Java. You will enjoy the beauty of the underwater world that does not exist elsewhere. Water dining with a temperature of 19C becomes a challenge for you. We are waiting for your arrival to dive in Sumber Jenon.

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