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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Semuncar Waterfall in East Merbabu

Watu Abang waterfall.

Merbabu is one of the mountains that has a height of 3142 meters above sea level. Ecologically, Merbabu volcano is a giant sponge that serves to store rainwater. The stored water will then be ejected in the spring-springs and drained into the river.

On the eastern slopes of merbabu there are several streams and in places with steep contours will form a waterfall. If we depart from Ampel Boyolali, precisely in the village of Candi Sari we can be trekking to enjoy some waterfalls. Along the river flow, we will walk the road to the upstream area.
Tempuran Waterfall.
The first waterfall we encounter is a Tempuran waterfall. This waterfall is about 1.5 hours from the last village. This waterfall including the sacred, because it is used as a place of prayer. In addition, large water discharges are used as raw materials for PDAMs (government company)

Watu Abang Waterfall
The second waterfall is Watu Abang. Named so because this water has a red stone wall. This waterfall is very nice because of its vertical shape. The red stone walls add to the impression of beauty in this waterfall.
Watu Abang/red stone waterfall.

Semuncar Waterfall
30 minutes from this waterfall will be found waterfall semuncar. This waterfall is highest because it is diketinggian 1548 masl. It took 2.5 hours to reach this place with a distance of 3.25 km from the last village. Semuncar waterfall has a height of nearly 80 meters with a waterfall terraced. On the right and left of the water, there is a stream of small rivers.
Semuncar Waterfall.
If you want to go to Semuncar, go through Ampel sub-district in Boyolali District - Central Java. From your Ampel to the village of Candi Sari. From the village, you can go directly to the waterfall. Untu permit there is a post that can provide information, guides, and assistance to get to the waterfall.

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