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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Journey To Bukit Bulan

Vehicle to Bukit Bulan.

2 hours flight and 15 hours land trip. The time I had to travel to reach the edge of the hill line between the borders of Bengkulu, Jambi and South Sumatra. A long journey, to see Bukit Bulan.

It's been about a year ago, this trip plan. Mas Rully, as I called him, invited me to research in Kars Bukit Bulan in Sarolangun-Jambi Regency. He is an archaeologist who wants to study prehistoric sites in the place. So, why did he invite me? "census of plants there".
Rumah Tinggi is the traditional house from South Sumatera.

I have to take 2 flights. Several times I saw my watch when the airplane was on the air. The number on my watch shows the number 1210 hPa, then changes to -45 hPa. The numbers that I kept watching to make sure when I pressed my nose and exhaled as hard as I could-equalizing.

Finally, the plane landed at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II-Palembang International Airport. Immediately I was picked up to continue the 7-hour land trip to Lubuk Linggau City. Following the banks of the Musi river, we boarded a chartered car.

Journey to Bukit Bulan
Throughout the journey, only the wilderness, a few small hamlets, and some vehicles that make goosebumps for those who understand environmental governance. The river is brown, not because there is rain in the upstream, but there are many Dongfeng river banks.

Ek's illegal mining.
Dongfeng is actually the name of the pump machine like we call Sanyo, or Honda for motorbikes or Baygon for insect repellent. Dongfeng is a large capacity pumping machine commonly used by gold miners. The soil will be mixed with water, then stirred and then sucked to filter the gold-ore ores.

Bukit Bulan Hill.

Finally, this long journey ended too. We arrived at Bukit Bulan. Bukit Bulan is a hill between many hills/plots in this region. Named Bukit Bulan, because it is located on the east side and when Purnama arrives, this hill glows due to the reflection of limestone on the slope. Finally, we can set foot in the area without cellular, electricity, or even radio signals. Our next 2-3 weeks will become forest dwellers in Bukit Bulan. Look forward ...

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