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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bak Blau The Blue Eye Lagoon at Enggano Island

Bak Blau lagoon at Enggano Island.
Bak Blau or blue eyes is a lagoon on Enggano Island. The lagoon with a diameter of 50 m is green Tosca and from afar looks blue. This is one of the lagoons whose source of water comes from the sea and springs.
Freedive at Bak Blau.

At the time of low tide, Bak Blau was filled with water from the spring that came out of the underground cave. The cavern is located at a depth of about 6-7m. This cave produces fresh water. At high tide, the lagoon will be filled with the sea water. The water in Bak Blau has a brackish taste.

Small Fishes at Bak Blau. 
Bak Blau is located in Meok Village on Enggano Island and is precisely located on the north side of the island. From the main road, Bak Blau is 500 m away. Bak Blau is still awake in the environment and there are not many visitors there.
Enjoy beside the Bak Blau river.
When I visited the blue eye lagoon there wasn't even one there. I can really enjoy the natural atmosphere in Bak Blau. I feel that I get this lagoon myself. To get to this blue eye lagoon, you can depart from Jakarta and fly to Bengkulu. From Bengkulu, you can use ships or airplanes to Enggano Island. From the airport to Bak Blau, about 20 minutes drive and from the port, about 30 minutes Enjoy the sensation of beauty and beauty of the blue eyes, Bak Blau.

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