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Monday, May 20, 2019

Travel to Enggano Island

Enggano Map (By   Regen Rais )
Enggano is one of the outermost islands in Indonesia. Enggano is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Enggano has a unique geological history. Enggano Island was formed due to the rise of the base of the Indian Ocean due to tectonic activity. The emergence of the Enggano island from the bottom of the Indian Ocean made this island never met Sumatra.
KM Pulo Tello.
Enggano Island stands alone without ever being close to other islands so that it has a unique biodiversity. As an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Enggano Island has a good natural landscape. On this island, there are underwater worlds to beautiful mountain peaks.

Many countries want to have Enggano Island, because of its strategic location. Portugal people came on this island in 1596 with C de Houtman. In the 1900s the Dutch arrived on Enggano Island and made a place for occupancy on Pulau Dua. Japan in 1943 - 1945 was high in Enggano and made a fortress.
Plane to Enggano.

At the time of Indonesia's independence, Enggano became part of Bengkulu Province. To go to Enggano can be done by sea and air. To take a boat to Enggano, you can use KM-Pulo Tello and KM Pioneer which depart from Bengkulu Port. Length of the cruise to Enggano for 12 hours.

Flights to Enggano are done every Monday. The aircraft used is twin otter with a capacity of 18 seats. Flight duration is around 45-50 minutes. To board a flight, baggage items will be restricted for safety reasons.

Enggano has many tourist attractions and one of them is Bak Blau or blue eyes. A lagoon located on the west side of Enggano Island. Many stories that I will tell on this website, soon.

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