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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Rumah Atsiri, The House of Essential Oil

Collection gardon at Rumah Atsiri.
A sunny morning on the western slope of Mount Lawu. On May 5, 1961 an agreement was agreed between the Governments of Indonesia and Bulgaria in cooperation with the construction of a Citronella production. President Soekarno wanted to build the largest citronella distillation plant in Asia. On August 1, 1963, the Citronella (Serai Wangi) factory was inaugurated. At that time it became the largest citronella production plant in Asia.
Rumah atsiri garden.
Today this time the factory changed faces. Based on the history of essential oil processing, this factory is a place of recreation and education that is still related to the aroma of plants. Located in Tawang Mangu, Karang Anyar-Central Java, Rumah Atsiri  is one place to learn about essential oils.

There are around 70 - 80 plants that are cultivated at the Rumah Atsiri . These plants will become essential oil raw materials. Plants there are not only local plants, but also imported from outside the island such as gaharu (aloes) and cendana (sandalwood), while from sub-tropical countries such as lavender.
Distillation process to make essential oil. 
I was invited to the essential oil production room. The principle of processing by distillation. This process works by evaporating essential oils together with water vapor and then condensing by lowering the temperature with cold water. The dew will then drip, then it will be separated again with a separating tube. The principle of separation is very simple, which is based on molecular density. The weight of the water molecule is greater, so it is below, and vice versa with oil.
Make a telon oil.
On the occasion of this visit I was invited to make telon oil. Telon oil comes from Javanese, telon which means three. Telon oil has 3 ingredients in the oil. Telon oil usually consists of coconut oil, fennel oil, and eucalyptus oil with a ratio of 4: 1: 1.
Telon oil.
To add and strengthen the aroma then add other essential oils such as; lavender, lemon grass, lemon, and so on according to taste. Essential oils are not only topical oils, but many variants such as; cosmetics, perfume, medicine, food, drinks, herbs, aroma therapy, incense, insect repellents, and so forth.


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