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Friday, September 20, 2019

Umbrella Festival at Prambanan Temple - Yogyakarta

Umbrella dancer
Umbrellas have a deep symbolic meaning and are not merely as a means of shade. Umbrellas have a universal meaning. In Indonesia, umbrellas have developed in various forms, materials, patterns, and functions. The umbrella festival in the courtyard of Prambanan Temple became an umbrella reunion agenda throughout Indonesia.
Umbrella Festival

Under a big tree, on the east side of Prambanan an umbrella festival is held. Mini-sized umbrellas that are commonly used by monkey masks to act like jumbo-sized umbrellas that can accommodate a soccer team are there.

Umbrella variation.

Beautiful colorful umbrella umbrellas with anekan style spread. Visitors can freely take pictures with the umbrella they like. Visitors can also buy umbrellas as souvenirs.

umbrella painters
I am interested in the umbrella painters who d brushed their brushes and ink over the umbrella cover fabric. Flowers, fishes, landscapes into painting patterns that painters drew out. We can also order painting patterns, and of course adjusted to the price too.
Welcome at Prambanan Temple
This is the 2019 umbrella festival at Prambanan temple. Every year the festival is held by moving places. Welcome to the Indonesian umbrella festival.

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