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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Lasem, The Little China at Rembang-Central Java

Batik Lasem.

Lasem is one of the centers of batik in Indonesia. Lasem is located in Rembang Regency, Central Java Province. Lasem's position is very strategic in terms of geography. Lasem is located on the north side of the island of Java. Its strategic location, then Lasem became a trading center during the Portuguese and VOC occupation.

The most interesting thing in Lasem was the struggle of the Lasem people who were assisted by the Chinese against the VOC. The war at that time caused heavy casualties and became evidence of the history of the Lasem people's resistance against the invaders.
Lawang Ombo, house of Kapitan Liem (Opium Houses)

Lasem keeps a history of the opium trade in the past. "Lawang Ombo" is one of the heritage homes of Kapitan Liem which was formerly used as an opium shelter. Opium was traded to buy weapons. The weapon will later be used against VOC soldiers.

Kapitan Liem was killed with his family and became the end of resistance against the VOC. Now the Kapitan Liem house is a historical legacy, about smuggling opium. At the moment, the Liem captain's house is called the Opium House.

Created by manual to make a batik.
Lasem is inseparable from batik. Batik Lasem has characteristic which is red and does not exist in other areas. The red color in Batik Lasem is obtained from the extract of noni and mangosteen bark. The red color is now a famous Batik Lasem characteristic in the hands of collectors.

Batik galery.
Batik Lasem has a very expensive price if it has been traded in the gallery. One piece of batik will be sold at a price of 7-14 million rupiah, even more. For batik collectors, lasem batik is a masterpiece.

The process of making Batik Lasem is very complicated. It takes 3-4 months to complete 1 sheet of batik. Batik Lasem is still made in a simple way. The fabric will be covered with a layer of wax and then it will be dipped in a fabric dye solution. Batik motif come from fabrics that are covered by using liquid wax. For a long time in making batik, Batik Lasem will be sold at very expensive prices.

The Red House.
Besides Batik, Lasem also earned the nickname as Little China. There are many houses found with Fushian style houses. The buildings there are still similar to the original and look like cities in China. If you are interested in Lasem, you don't need to worry. There is a red house (Rumah Merah) used as an inn. You will be taken as if you were in China. Welcome to Lasem

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