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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Tomohon Market at North Sulawesi, Unique and Scary

Paniki or giant bats

Tomohon Market is one of the unique markets in North Sulawesi. This market sells various types of animals that will be used as material for consumption. Animals that are traded are cattle, there are also wild animals from the forest.

Of the many animals for sale, there are some that are unique. The animal is; snakes, bats and mice. People in Tomohon City consume many types of animals, so you can find many types of animals.
The paniki seller at Tomohon market.

Bats or local people call it paniki. This type of bat has broad wings, fruit eaters or insects, and lives in trees. These bats are hunted and the meat is used as food.

In Tomohon Market also known as rat animals. The mouse in question is a forest rat. This forest rat still has natural food. These mice are also different from mice in the housing or in the trash. Forest rats are also hunted for consumption.


Despite much controversy about this market, this market has been around for a long time and has become a culture for the local people. If you can't stand it, you shouldn't watch. But whatever the controversy, this market is still attractive to tourists, both domestic and foreign.
Wild rats ready for cooking.

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