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Friday, March 13, 2020

Traditional Salt Production at Rembang-Central Java

Salt harvesting. 
Previously, there were 3 commercial products  available in Lasem-Rembang; opium, batik, and salt. three  commercial products is what makes this new trade center. Now, opium has been banned, batik is still there, and the salt is slowly disappearing. Today I was on the Pantura Rembang street to taste the salt taste.
The windmill help to move the saltwater to fields,
In Rembang, the process of making salt is done traditionally. Seawater will be channeled in small canal to salt fields. Water from the canal is then transferred in a salt pond with the help of a windmill. Windmills will move the sea water.
The Salt fields.
Salt water will be evaporated with the help of sunlight. Water that has evaporated will leave salt crystals. Salt crystals are then collected and then transferred to the salt house. Inside the salt house holds salt with quality 1, 2 and 3.
Salt storage at salt house.
Quality 1 salt is salt that is harvested first. Quality 2 and 3 salt is the next crop. The price of quality 1 salt will be more expensive than quality 2 and 3. At present not much salt is produced. The abundance of cheaper and better quality imported salt has disrupted the production of this traditional salt. I do not know how long the salt can survive.

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