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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Watervang, The Dutch Colonial Heritage at Lubuklinggau

Watervang or dam.

This morning was my last chance, because at 09.00 I had to go from Lubuklinggau to Jakarta. I took a small walk in the rain to get to Watervang.

I walked down the hallway, named Jalan Watervang. The road is still quiet and silent, and the sun has not yet risen. Finally arrived at the Watervang courtyard which was still quiet.

Watervang comes from Dutch which means water trap. We can call it Dam. Watervang is historical evidence of the Dutch Colonial heritage which is still maintained today.

In 1940, the city of Lubuklinggau was still quiet, so some people from Java were brought in as transmigrants to grow crops. So in 1941 a dam was built for irrigation.

Watervang which was built in the Dutch Colonial era and still stands today. The dam which intercepted water from the Kelingi river became a water trap area for irrigation in Lubuklinggau City and Musi Rawas Regency.
Kelinggi river.
I see the corners of the dam that are still well maintained. The foundation stones are still standing strong, rusty iron has been repainted.

I sat on the bank of the Kelingi river and saw a potential for water tourism here. Inside the dam can be used for padling, canoeing, kayaking, wow a lot if only to float in water.
Suppose that this will be managed as a landmark of this small town. Thank you Lubuklinggau and I must continue the journey.

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