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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Kendil Mount Calling


Kendil Mount is a small mountain in Central Java. This mountain is located between Mount Ungaran, Gajah Mungkur, Telomoyo, and swamp pening. Getting here is very easy. There are 2 climbing routes, namely through Banyubiru and Sepakung.


Why is this mountain a favorite for me?  Kendil mount is a short and easy mountain to visit. This mountain has a nice and beautiful panorama. From the top of Kendil Mount  I can see many mountains. At the top of Kendil Mount , I can also see a wide reed swamp.

What is even more interesting about Kendil Mount  is the valley between the top of Kendil Mount  and the peak of Gili Sipetung. This valley looks like the Baliem valley in Wamena, Papua. In addition, from the top of Kendil mount we can see the sunrise and sunset.

From the top of  Kendil Mount we can set up tents, build a fireplace, and build a hammock between two trees. At night, we can see many stars. The scenery here is very complete. Welcome to Mount Kendil.

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